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I want to start by saying - you are welcome here. Always. 

I created Christy Is Whelmed to become a community for people that want to have open conversations. It's a space where I try and be vulnerable to, hopefully, help others feel less alone.

So, in saying that... I try and talk about lots of different things here as I have lots of different interests. But they fall into different categories and I'm happy to tell you what you can expect to see in them. 


My lifestyle section is about (drum roll please) LIFE! The day-to-day, the mundane, the inner thoughts and questions, the personal interests, and niche topics that I find interesting. 

Find blog posts like:

The Dangers of Toxic Positivity on Social Media

I'm Sorry Britney Spears, Tackling My Internal Misogyny

Almost An Addict. Navigating Life When Addiction Runs In Your Family

We all care about how we look, but I think what we care about more is how we feel about how we look. This is where I open up about confidence and insecurities. Less about what products I put on my face and more about why I put them on and the internal conversations I have with myself about that.

Find blog posts like:

I'm Sorry, I Think I'm Pretty

Reclaiming My Sexuality

Trying to Love Yourself When You Hate Your Body

So... yes, the whole point of this blog is to give too much information but this section specifically will be for the extra niche, extra honest, and kind of scary to write posts. The ones that live in the corners of my mind, the ones I wonder if anyone else feels the same way I do. The ones where you may think, "wow that was a lot of information."

Find blog posts like:

Coming Out

Honoring My Past Trauma As An Adult

Loving Love & Being Broken

Being a cusper (on the edge of being millennial and Gen-Z) , I have found that navigating my career has been a bit confusing, there hasn't really been anywhere I've been able to go to find clarity and answers to my big questions. Now, I'm not saying that I have all of the answers but I'm definitely going to talk about it and try and find them, bringing you along for the ride!

Find blog posts like:

Tying Your Worth To Things Out Of Your Control

The Argument Not To Niche Yourself

Top 5 Things I Learned Working In Toxic Work Environments

Now I didn't make many rules when I set out to make this blog. I wanted to be as open and raw and honest as I can be and I believed that rules made it impossible to do that. But, the one rule I do have is that I won't talk about my current romantic relationships, wanting to keep that as the one thing I have for myself. So you won't read about that in this section. But you will read about past relationships, my relationship with myself, with friends and family, and others in general. Relationships extend past just romantic, and that's what you'll find here. 

Find blog posts like:

Loving Your Inner Child

How to Handle Ghosts Coming Back Into Your Life

Navigating The Holidays With A Complicated Family

Mental Health, Physical Health, and Emotional Health. This is the area I'm used to writing about, my own personal mental health struggles are what sparked my love for writing to begin with. This will be less of the "how I lost 30 pounds" kind of health and wellness. With TikTok always trying to push new trends and the new push of "thin is in", this space will focus more on keeping our inner selves healthy so that we can continue to live in our physical selves.

Find blog posts like:

What Self-Care Actually Looks Like

Healthy Selfishness - Learning To Love Yourself The Way You Deserve

Spending Emotional Energy Like Cash

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