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Hi! I’m Christy,

Launched in 2020 as a community for empaths, lost souls, and people trying to find their way through life, I created Christy Is Whelmed with the goal to inspire and support others to live their most authentic and happiest lives through the honest accounts of my crazy, messy, perfectly imperfect life. If you're ready to learn more about yourself subscribe to my newsletter below.

 If you love asking questions with the goal of getting to know yourself better, believe there's no such thing as too much information, and love to read romance books this is the blog for you! This blog will hopefully give you insight into learning how to express yourself, forgive yourself, and listen to the voices inside your head. As someone who's gone through many years of therapy and is constantly reading books and listening to podcasts about the way our minds work, I hope to impart to you some of the knowledge I've gained over the years. But, I'm no expert and am constantly learning, so you will be on the journey with me. Christy is Whelmed started originally as a way to get my thoughts out of my head and onto a page but has re-developed into what it is today. 

I have spent the last 26 years trying to find my happiness in external areas. I started therapy in 2014 and quickly fell in love with learning everything I can about myself, the way I think, and why I do the things I do. Currently living in the South Bay of Los Angeles, I played soccer, have recently taken up roller skating, love to take photos, and read romance for fun. While I love all of those things I know that true happiness has to come from within.

Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter below. And if you want to be friends (because I'm a really great friend) say hi to me on Instagram!

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