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Disney Villains Deserve Love Too

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

I visited one of my favorite places last month: The Ripped Bodice! I went with two of my friends and one of them was looking for a certain style of book. Leah Koch, one of the owners of the store, recommended the Wicked Villains series by Katee Robert. I don't tend to sway towards erotica but when she said "re-telling of classic Disney stories" I knew I had to give it a chance. When she mentioned that one of the books was Hades and Meg's story I was sold! I instantly bought Learn My Lesson, Hades and Meg's story and devoured the book in 2 days! The book was all I wanted and more and I went back 2 days after I finished the book and bought the series, here's my thoughts on them / why I loved them as much as I do.

Also, whoever said you shouldn't buy a book just because of the cover hasn't seen these covers because WOW they are so visually pleasing.

Disclaimer: This post talks about BDSM and Kink and sexual stuff! So, if you know me personally but don't wanna know my thoughts on this stuff stop reading now.

Okay, let's do this!

Book #1: Desperate Measures

I want to preface that this by saying that this was actually the last book I read in the series. I wasn't overly excited to read the book because all I had seen of Jafar and Jasmine was their small interaction in Learn My Lesson, where Jasmine is seen seated at Jafar's feet. After reading it, I can say that this book was pretty good! Parts of it wasn't my cup of kink but the ending definitely made the book. This book is chock full of non consensual consent, which I don't actually mind. Where my reservations came in was the usage of Daddy and Baby Girl. The scenes were sexy as hell and the overall book was great, the only thing that holds me back from absolutely loving it was the whole Daddy thing. But again, it's just because it's not my personal brand of kink. If I had to create a fancast for this book it would be: Jasmine - Richa Moorjani. I think she's absolutely gorgeous and after watching her in Never Have I Ever on Netflix I feel like she could play that perfect mix of innocence, insolence, and sexiness. For Jafar I have to go with, Marwan Kenzari. I don't know if Disney was trying to go for a sexy Jafar but damn did they hit the nail on the head on that one! Overall, this book was fun! For days after I finished reading it there was one scene that just kept replaying in my head, I feel like the same would happen to you.

This scene was the only thing I could think about during this book

Book #2: Learn My Lesson

I think this is the first book I have ever purchased without reading the back beforehand, that is how interested I was in seeing Hades and Meg's love story. Color me surprised when I read the back and realized that it was Hades and Meg and Hercules' love story. That right baby, they're a triad! I've never read a triad love story before so I was a little hesitant when I first started the book but I got into it real quick. The story is sexy and at times sweet and plays off the Disney character traits without being super forced. Set in the "Underworld" a BDSM club run by Hades, Meg and Hercules and Hades get in to plenty of sexy situations that left me wanting more each time. Something about Hades being a dom to Meg and Hercules and Meg being a "mostly" dom to Hercules and full sub to Hades, and Hercules being a "mostly" sub with occasional dom moments with Meg and full sub to Hades just really worked. (Kinda complicated but you'll just have to read it to see what I mean) Overall this book was yummy and perfect and I didn't want it to end. However, they set up Hook and Tink perfectly and I was soooo excited to read their story after reading this. My fancast for this book! I was picturing a mix between movie Meg and Elizabeth Gillies (my current fancast for Meg for the live action) for Meg's character in the book. For Hercules I'd love to see Trevor Donovan and for Hades I was imagining 100%Lucifer's Tom Ellis.

Tell me this doesn't scream dom & sub energy!

Book #3: A Worthy Opponent

I loved this book! I was so incredibly excited for Tink's story, especially with the idea that Peter Pan is actually evil. They definitely played up Tink and Hook's sexual tension in the last book and it really came to a head in A Worthy Opponent. Not only were the sex scenes *chef's kiss* but their love blossomed beautifully. I also loved the female friendships that developed in this book. They're really building Aurora's character and I'm really excited to see her play out in her own book. Back to Hook and Tink! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Hook being willing to "share" Tink but I think those are some of my favorite scenes in the novel, the MMF action with Gaeton was actually a great way of solidifying Tink and Hook's relationship with each other and set up Gaeton's story for the next book perfectly. Time for my fancast for this book! To be honest I was imagining Colin O'Donoghue the entire book but as I was looking online for other fancasts of Hook someone mentioned Oscar Issac and I love that much much more! For Tink I was imagining one of my favorite tattoo artists Katie McGowan! I absolutely loved watching her on Ink Master and everything I watched on the show made me think she'd be great at being sassy! Plus her style is super cute and stands out just like Tink! This book was amazing and I definitely never wanted to put it down but it also had me super excited to start The Beast!

Hmm... there weren't any spanking scenes in the book...

Book #4: The Beast

One of my favorite thing about reading series' is that each book gets me excited for the next and there's no better feeling than when that book lives up to your excitement. I've never read a throuple before this series and while I really liked Hades and Hercules and Meg, I LOVED The Beast and Gaeton and Isabelle! This is 100% a real text I sent while reading this book: "Oh man. I don’t know if it’s cuz I’m drinking one of the mules or just my book but this book is reaaaallly doing something for me." This book had the sexiest scenes in it and really took BDSM exploration to a whole other level. This book explored kinks galore and as someone who has always felt a little like Isabelle, curious but won't admit it, this book really drew me in. Not only was the sex scenes amazing but I genuinely felt the love in this book. Normally I don't love second chance romances but I didn't mind it this time. Maybe because I have always loved enemies to lovers and everyone in this book were enemies. Dream cast: Joe Manganiello as Gaeton (we're just going to have to ignore the age and just focus on the sexy here). I feel like Joe could really capture the cockiness and flippant charm that Gaeton has (remember Gaeton is not an asshole like Gaston, he's fun and lighthearted and cocky all in one). Tyler Hoechlin as The Beast. (I will thirst over Tyler Hoechlin every single day for forever). Even though Tyler doesn't play the brooding characters that much anymore I will never forget how well he played it in Teen Wolf, add in his cute half smile and he's perfect for Beast. For Isabelle I was picturing ... Me? Hello Hollywood, yeah I'm available! I was picturing myself as Isabelle but since this is a fancast I choose Maia Mitchell to play Isabelle. Maia Mitchell is another person that I will thirst over every single day for forever. I think she could play the coy princess that has a bunch of layers really well. Overall this was my favorite book in the series and if Hollywood decides to make it, (which they should because 365DNI is doing great,) Hollywood should definitely call me.

Gaston just screams Switch and I love it

This was such a fun series to read! It was so completely out of my comfort zone (and so was writing this review) but I loved every second of it! I'm really excited that the series isn't going to end yet and am counting down the days until Aurora's story is out! Now excuse me while I fall in to an end of book series depression.

Katee Robert, I need more!!

Book #5: The Sea Witch

Katee Robert has done it again! I was lucky enough to have been able to get an Advanced Readers Copy of The Sea Witch and I was sooo excited to read this! Eric has always been my favorite prince in the Disney universe and I was so excited to read the sexiness that was to come. The Sea Witch is the perfect addition to the Wicked Villains series. It was so nice to read a female dominatrix! I've been living for the dynamics of throuples and Alaric, Zurielle, and Ursa had such an amazing development. Being teased with Zuri and Ursa from the previous books I already knew I was going to love them, but I was surprised at how quickly I grew fond of Alaric and Ursa's relationship. Robert did an amazing job of making Ursa so three dimensional, speaking on the weight that powerful black women have to bear every day and the strength they always have to present even when they are struggling. Robert did an amazing job of individually exploring each character and giving them their own growth, and keeping the sexiness alive. Also, shout out to that pegging scene! It was hot as hell and I loved reading every second of it. I definitely wish I would have had some more time with the three of them and really wasn't ready for this book to end. Overall, a great read! I'm excited to read Aurora's story next, even if it means the end of this series. As always, here is who I envision for the characters in my head. For Ursa I was picturing Queen Latifah (god I love her). For Zuri I was picturing Sophie Turner (I am obsessed with her), while she doesn't scream sub energy I absolutely love her and trust her as an actress and I think she could pull it off. Last but not least, Alaric, he was my hardest one to picture because I love Prince Eric so much. But at the end of the day I had to go with Taron Egerton, I think he's such a cutie and I think he could play a conflicted soul. He seems like he'd be great as a switch and something about him makes me think he'd be down to get pegged.

One more book to go and I honestly can't wait!


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1 Comment

Jenn Hardesty
Jenn Hardesty
Dec 29, 2021

so…we’ve been poring over this. We feel we have a superior cast and you left out Aurora and Malone. Here goes:

Jafar- Sendhil Ramamurthy

Jasmine-Priyanka Chopra

Hades-Matt Bomer

Meg- Gal Gadot

Hercules-Channing Tatum

Tink-Kelly Clarkson

Hook-Michele Marone

Beast-Zac Efron

Isabelle-Elizabeth Gilles

Gaeton-Joe Magliano

Zurielle-Shay Mitchell

Ursa-Gabrielle Union

Alaric-Tyler Blackburn


Aurora-Zoe Kravitz

Malone-Charlize Theron

would love others feedback…we are OBSESSED!!

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