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5 Romance Series' I Can't Get Enough Of

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

It's no secret that I love romance books. I started reading romance books when I was 14. I read stand alone paranormal young adult romance novels but I remember the first series I read that had me truly hooked: The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis. I remember it being funny and romantic and a little sexy even though there was no sex in it. I followed the author on Twitter when I was first reading the series and one of her tweets about the series popped up on my timeline this week and it sent me right back to that time and I immediately wanted to re-read the series. (Note: I haven't read a romance book that doesn't have sex in it in years so this is a big deal for me!)

In honor of the blast from my past I want to share the 5 Romance Series' that I always come back to:

*Some of these synopsis' are from the authors' websites and some are made up by me!*

1. Hawks MC

Synopsis: What happens when a group of badass motorcycle club members meet the women who give them something new to fight for.

Why I love it and come back to it:

This was the first motorcycle club series that I read and, oh man, is it amazing! The men in this series are protective, possessive, and sometime pissy and it all works perfectly. There's something about a man who knows what he wants and not only goes after it but claims it. When I'm in the mood for funny women who push the boundaries with their men and gets some sexy time as a reward/punishment this is the series I go to.

Favorite Book from Hawks MC Series:

Book 2: Climbing Out. As a woman who loves older men and also loves reading books where the man has a kid this book s my heaven. Sassy women + gruff older single dad = automatic favorite.

2. Winston Brothers


"Everyone in Green Valley, Tennessee knows that the six bearded Winston brothers have been imbued with an unfair share of charm and charisma… and are prone to mischief."

Why I love it and come back to it:

A problem I have with series' because a lot of times the main characters all blend into each other, especially the men. What I love about the Winston Brothers series is that all the men have their own distinct personalities but also maintain that pure form of love with the S.O. The series is perfect for everyone with their wide range of men: The shy one, the reformed bad boy, the brainiac, the happy go lucky one, and the serious one.

Favorite Book from Series:

Book 3: Beard Science. Oh Cletus, you beautiful brilliant hilarious man. I love this book because Cletus is so distinctly his own person and owns it and also because he isn't someone I've read in any other book. Not to mention that I absolutely love his girl, Jen, a beautiful girl who wants to be more than a beautiful girl.

3. Burnout Series

Synopsis: The only thing this team of ex army men need more than a beer at the local dive, is the women who will be sitting by their side as they drink it.

Why I love it and come back to it:

I should preface that I usually reread this series because I want to be reading Hawks but it's not on iBooks but I do love this series. I love the team and the friendship that these men have. Similar to Hawks, we have a group of badass men who love their women and will do anything they need to protect them. Plus, this book is chock full of nicknames and I love nicknames!

Favorite Book from Series:

Book 1: Shooter - It's very rare that the first book in a series is my favorite but this one is just too perfect. I love a story of enemies to friends to lovers and I love a story of next door neighbors to lovers even more! Not too mention getting to watch Hayley come out of her shell and give "bedroom sass". Definitely makes them sexy scenes extra sexy!

4. The Baileys


"Big Family. Big Fights. Big Love"

Why I love it and come back to it:

It's funny because whenever I'm thinking about re-reading a series my mind never goes to the Baileys, but because they're such a large family and Piper Rayne is still releasing books for the series I end up re-reading the series once a year when a new book comes in. Each time I re-read the series I fall back in love with the Baileys. Piper Rayne is just such an amazing author and writes loveable and sexy characters, she's so amazing I dedicated a whole blog post to just her books! I love that there's always someone new in the family to fall in love with but the characters I loved from the previous books are still around.

Favorite Book from Series:

Book 3: Birth of a Baby Daddy. I've made it no secret that I love stories where there's kids involved, I especially love "oh we had a connection and then I got pregnant and we're just going to be friends and raise the kid but then we fall in love." This story obviously has that and add in the adorable reformed bachelor Rome and headstrong Harley, this story is gold.

5. The Big Rock Series


Dirty talking men with the packages to back up their words.

Why I love it and come back to it:

This series was actually the first non young adult series that I read 3 times in a row and is actually one that I recommend to all my friends who want to get in to reading romance. It's sexy, it's funny, it's lighthearted and it'll just make you feel good after you read it. I love my motorcycle men but sometimes they're just too heavy for me. This book has the cocky men I love, sexual innuendos galore and moments that genuinely make me laugh out loud.

Favorite Book from Series:

Book 2: Mister O. I have a tendency to like the second book most in a series and I think it's in large part that we get to partially fall in love with the characters before hand. In Mister O we do get to fall in love a bit with Nick in Big Rock (book 1) but what I love most is the fact that Nick is a bit nerdy. It's not often you see a guy who's nerdy but also has an undeniable sex appeal to him. I also love the whole, forbidden best friend's sister thing + I need you to teach me trope.

(I mean, I'm surprised I've gone this long without posting a gif of Tyler Hoechlin)

Honorable Mention

The Grey Wolves Series

Synopsis: Romanian werewolves find their true mates and with them comes adventure, laughs, and the other half of their hearts.

Why I love it and come back to it:

It's been a while since I've read this but I remember teen me just loving the idea of true mates and being able to hear each other's thoughts. I love that the girls that the werewolves fall in love with were humans and that they kind of had to learn about what this all was and I especially loved the dynamic of the three girls. I added Romania to my list of places I wanted to visit because of this book and I loved that they included Romanian into the book.

Favorite Book from Series:

Book 2: Blood Rites. Another book 2 favorite! I absolutely loved Jen in Book 1 and she was a little bit of the person I wanted to be at that point in my life: sarcastic, open (possibly too open), and overly flirty. Even though this book is technically very much lacking a lot of Jen it is the foundation for her love story with Decebel and some of those moments are my favorite.

Me to myself after writing this post:

Let me know if you've read any of the above books or if you read them after this post and like them! :)


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